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Web Site Design

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With all the Web site development companies on the internet today, Lakes Region Digital realizes that to gain your trust we need to provide fast, friendly services, at a affordable rate.

We offer complete web site solutions, at pronominal speeds and a great price. No job is to big or to small at Lakes Region Digital. We have the skills to take on any task you need.

We understand that a great web site designer understands all aspects of web site design. From the appearance of the web site, to how fast it loads online. Useability and friendliness is also a must.

We also take into consideration adding rich content to help your web site show up front in search engines.

Contact us today for any need you may have, you will be glad you did.


Web Site Maintenance

Millions of businesses rely on professional web site maintenance! Lakers Region Digital can help.

Web sites need to stay fresh and up to date. Current web sites get more visitors, attract more clients and search engines. We can build a web site maintenance plan to fit anyone need or budget.

Do you need something fixed fast on your web site? Contact us today

Why Choose us for your web site maintenance needs?

  • Fast turnaround, Most maintenance request completed the same day.
  • Cost effective, Fresh web sites attract more clients and make more money.
  • Professional maintenance updates, means your web site still looks great.
  • We maintain the web site means no one to train to make updates on yours end. With less to worry about.
  • Stay ahead of your Competition with regular web site maintenance.

Web Site Make-Over

Its not unusual for a web site to outgrow its-self, be outdated, loose its web site traffic due to outdated content, and overall appearance. Web site make-overs often mean starting over with a fresh new design, new look, search engine optimization. Contact us today for a free website analysis and quote for our recommendations on your new web site.

We are Fast, Affordable, and very talented in web site design and make-overs. Contact us today.

Reasons for a web site make-over

  • Increase web site traffic
  • Add social media (Facebook) etc
  • Improve useability
  • Add new ideas, web site functions

Content Management

In simple terms , A Content Management system is a program which allows clients to work on and edit their own web site. A few popular CMS used today are:

  • Joomla – One of the most popular content management systems on the market today.
  • WordPress – Has become the CMS choice of bloggers/designers everywhere in the world for CMS.
  • Drupal – A popular free and open source CMS, is often one of the first choices when building a new web site.

Lakes Region Digital is very family in content management systems. A CMS is a web site designed with the client in-mind. They are super client friendly, designed in allowing the client to make their own web site changes.



SEO or Search engine optimization, coding your web site for maximum SEO is a plus. You need your web site to be rich in keywords for your website to rank in the top search.

There are many tips and trick for maximum SEO and Lakes Region Digital is very fluent in them all.

Contact us today for SEO website review, You will be glad you did.

Basic SEO

  • Page Title –  Should be relatively short and describe the page content accurately.
  • Heading Tags – A lot of search engines place more concern on content within heading tags, so make sure they use keywords.
  • Page Text – Make sure the text of your web pages contain keywords and common phrases which surfers might search.